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2023.04.25 - 2023.06.17
In the Law of Nature

The eternal silence of infinite space is considered as horizons that individuals, who are insignificant beings, want to return to and a wonderful moment beyond fear and comfort in the Korean sentiment. LEE & BAE is pleased to announce an exhibition of “In the Law of Nature” from April 25 to June 17, 2023, inviting artists Myung-Gyun You and Minjeong Guem, who look at nature from a different perspective but artistically express their philosophy and insights as well as a human reflection to reach this horizons. We hope the viewer experiences a world of silence that approaches the echo from the inside through this exhibition that learning the order of life in nature.

Myung-Gyun You’s work is reminiscent of words such as the shape of Mother Nature, the way of being and the spread. His work as a painting is like a world of flow in which the flow of time and the spread of space are integrated and as a three-dimensional structure, it is like the world of roots that can be seen deep underground or the original world of life. No human trace can be found in his work. His interest lies in the spatiotemporal spread of ‘life’ that coexists with nature, naturalizes with nature, and away from the human-centered way of existence. The artist recognizes himself as an individual in nature, the most fundamental horizon as a creature and deviated from the will or thought of the individual and focuses only on the echo from pure nature, the source of life. The artist’s “nature,” which began by collecting various soil throughout the United States, is reproduced as a fine and pure textured lipid using pure fiber materials. It is enough to realize the sublime nature’s providence in the face of the overwhelming scale of the work and to experience a return to the space and time of the beginning.

For Minjeong Guem, nature is a memory, an emotion, and a philosophy of life. This is why the artist should immerse herself in nature. The artist expresses nature in her own way by evoking and sensing the nature in the past that the place remembers in a specific place. ‘Video Sculpture’ the video, which is the movement of light, is considered as a sculptural material and created by combining architectural materials such as wood and soil, is a new space sculpture and images become one with video images that visualize psychological experience or emotions about space. The artist’s video work replaces the artist’s feelings in the place with basic shapes and then mixes and fuses the actual images of the natural environment and reproduces graphically with the figure to express the movement of natural phenomena. By incorporating certain modes of movement into the actual nature that was created, her work talks about the attributes of human are emotion that feels nature.


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