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이상민 'Su壽 Bok福'展 Kiaf insights 전시기사 게재
[ 2022-06-08 11:24:28 ]

LEE & BAE is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of ‘Su壽 Bok福’by Sangmin LEE from June 3 to July 10, 2022. The artist shows the process of connecting the present and the past through a bowl series under the themes of ‘Su(壽)’ and ‘Bok(福)‘, which mean long life and good luck. The artist, who reflects on the inner side of everything through Glass and explores the invisible truth and nature of things rather than the visible shape, will present 13 new works in this exhibition that embody the form of a bowl expressing sincerity, energy, and desire.

12-63.归磊没拳 父荐公碍 疙措馆 Engraved Glass and framed 2022  W 814 X H 733 X D 6cm 21kg.jpg
Blue and White Porcelain Bowl with inscription_W 814 X H 733 X D 6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2022