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이승희작가 뉴욕 Waterfall Mansion Gallery 전시개최
[ 2018-05-08 13:12:32 ]
<도자회화>장르를 구축하고 세계적으로 활동하는 이승희작가가 미국 뉴욕 맨하탄에 위치한 <Waterfall Mansion Gallery>에서 전시를 개최한다. 'Infinite Grace'라는 주제로 열리는 이전시에서 작가는 이미지의 유한성과 물성의 무한성을 조화롭게 표현한 작품들을 통해 삶의 품격에 대해 논하고 있다.

'Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is proud to present a special artist talk event with ceramic artist, Lee Seung Hee. With the theme of Infinite Grace, Lee Seung Hee shares the traditional history of bamboo and its symbolism with dramatic touch. He remakes bamboo out of the most fragile and inflexible of materials: clay. He presents bamboo forest in the Waterfall along with famous examples of Joseon dynasty porcelain in the form of low-relief ceramic. Lee Seung Hee will be joining us at the Waterfall Mansion & Gallery this Saturday, May 5th (12pm, 2pm, and 4pm) to take us on a walk into a special forest.'


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