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갤러리이배 Art+ Context New York 2017 주목부스에 선정
[ 2017-05-11 11:37:12 ]
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http://artzealous.com/7-booths-you-cant-miss-at-art-new-york-x-context-art/ , Hit: 1576

갤러리이배는 2017년 5월 3일 부터 5일간 뉴욕 허드슨 강변 PIER 94에서 열린 CONTEXT NEW YORK에 참가하여 미국의 저명한 미술전문 매거진 <ARTZEALOUS>가 선정한 절대 놓쳐서는 안될 7개 갤러리에 선정되는 영예를 안았다. 이 잡지는 ART NEW YORK과 종합하여 올해 총 7개의 부스를 우수 부스로 선정하였다.

7 Booths You Can’t Miss at Art New York x Context

Overwhelmed by Frieze Week so far? No worries, we’ve selected our favorite booths from Art New York x Context Art for you. More than 150 galleries and 1,200 artists from 50 countries joined the fair this year. It’s a must-see for those who want to experience the best of the global contemporary art market. Don’t forget to catch the fair before it ends on May 7th.


1. Espace Meyer Zafra Paris | Booth A 406



2. Jereme Zodo Gallery London, Milan | Booth A 100



3. GALLERY LEE & BAE Busan | Booth C101



4. Amarist Studio + UN Refugee Agency | Booth SP2



5. Bernice Steinbaum Gallery Miami | Booth A304



6. Affinity for ART Hong Kong | Booth C408



7. Heitch Gallery Munich | Booth C400


top image // courtesy of @artmiamifairs